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Established in the year 1983 Aryan has grown over the years through dedicated research & technology and developed a wide range of engineering rubber products for Indian Railways, Metro Railways, Automobile sector & Defense.

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our products

Composite Modified Elastomeric pad

High Capacity Side Buffer Rubber pads

Silent Block for Anchor Link

Bonded Rubber Sand witch Mounting for Nose Suspension of Traction Motor

Metal Bonded Side Bearer Rubber Pad

Constant Contact Side Bearer Pad

Metal Bonded Side Bearer Rubber Pad -

Rubber springs for MG Coupler (MCPH)

Thermoplastic polyurethane Liners

Silent Block for Centre Pivot

Silent Block for Roll Link for Fiat Bogies

Elastic Connection for Fiate Bogies

CPU Upper and Lower Washer

High Wear resistance Pully

Wearing Piece based Thermoplastic polyurethane

Composite Groove Rubber Pad