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Established almost four decades ago, with a humblebeginning, the company today has many feathers in its cap.Starting with a single product, as on today we make more than100 products for Railways, Automobiles, Defense and Industry.This journey has not been an easy one, however the hard work,patience and diligence of our founder culminated into asuccess story, which many would not even dare to dream.Aryan Exporters Pvt. Ltd., parallels global standards oftechnology. It is the conscious aspiration of Aryan – besidesincreasing production volume – to have an up-to-dateproduct structure, to introduce the manufacture of new,high quality products with the application of latesttechnology. Aryan is constantly improving design anddeveloping products to meet the ever-changing needs ofthe Indian Railways and Automobile sector.The company’s continuous efforts to provide Indian Railwaysas well as all other customers with as full as possible a rangeof integrated products based on most robust type elastomer,thermoplastic and cast polyurethane material. Aryan has tiedup with respected international manufactures ofThermoplastic Polyurethane & Castable Polyurethane.

The company has an integrated manufacturing facility withautomatic internal mixer. Aryan have facility for designingand manufacturing own moulds for consistent quality andshorter development and manufacturing time. Our systemof manufacturing ensures products quality with timelydelivery meeting all the times our customers requirement.With opening of Economy, we crossed national frontiers andjoined hand with some of the renowned manufacturers ofPolymers and collaborated with them. Resulting in furtherenhancement of our technical strides. Under the Make in India Policy we picked up few challengesand developed a few import substitute products forRailways thus contributing to the economic growth of thecountry by stalling drainage of valuable foreign exchange. The journey does not end here, it is still on, we strive toset and achieve new Goals /Targets. The motto is not just to earn/make money but to win thehearts, by improving life of every Soul associated with us.

Established in the year 1983 Aryan has grown over the years through dedicated research & technology and developed a wide range of engineering rubber products for Indian Railways, Metro Railways, Automobile sector &Defense . Aryan being instrumental for replacing many metal-based spring to rubber to metal bonded rubber spring in Indian Railways and presently one of the major suppliers of these types of products for railways.

The Company has its works at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India with marketing network at all major cities all over India. Aryan site has a total area greater than 6000 square meters with a covered area of 2500 square meters dedicated to rubber manufacturing activities comprising of various functional departments and sections, these are Engineering Workshop & Tool Room, Metal Blanking, Metal Surface preparation & Adhesive application section, Rubber mastication, mixing & supply section, Moulding section for injection transfer and compression moulding of products, cast polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane products manufacturing section, Technical laboratory for R&D and Quality Assurance activities, Raw and Finished material stores, Administrative block etc.

Aryan parallels global standards of technology. It is the conscious aspiration of Aryan – besides increasing production volume – to have an up-to-date product structure, to introduce the manufacture of new, high quality products with the application of latest technology. Aryan constantly improved design and developed to meet the ever-changing needs of the Indian Railways and Automobile sector.

The company’s continuous efforts to provide Indian Railways as well as all other customers with as full as possible a range of integrated products based on most robust type elastomer, thermoplastic and cast polyurethane material. Aryan has tied up with respected international manufactures of Thermoplastic Polyurethane & Castable Polyurethane.

We have developed Composite pads based on a combination of thermo-set rubber and polyurethane elastomers by exploiting the unique properties of both the elastomers. These unique international partnerships have given Aryan a full confidence to contribute and provide component which Railways and other customers need at present and in future.

From a very humble beginning in the year 1983 with total sales turn over of 1.7 million INR, it has increased to 18 million in 2007-2008 & to 40 million INR in 2009-2010. These achievements of nearly 33% growth has been possible due to Aryans continuous efforts for commitment to meet customers quality standards particularly Indian Railways and ability to adopt the changing technology.

Planning 90%
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Marketing 70%

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