Quality and safety are major concerns for Aryan. Product quality is stringently controlled by controlling of quality of incoming materials, in process materials and product at finished stage. Aryan is backed by latest process technology, with sophisticated manufacturing system and high precision equipments in the lab, which are mostly controlled through computer. All the products before delivery use to undergo strict control and specification testing through checking of functional properties at lab. Products also checked through SST for torture testing to assess the reliability and new products undergo extensive field trial before launching.

Continuous R & D works for enhancing for products quality of design, FEA analysis and quality of performance are the basis of Aryan’s superiority regarding quality of products.

Rheometer for 100% Compound Testing

Tensile Testing Machine

Digital Universal Testing Machine

Fatigue & Torqure Testing Machine for Products

Analytical Lab. for Raw Material And Product Analysis

Quality Control & R & D